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Qinghai Western Magnesium Co., Ltd.

Service Hotline:


About us


Qinghai Western Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Western Mining Co., Ltd. which is the only one of China's top 500 enterprises in Qinghai Province. It is a high-tech enterprise recognized by Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Department. In February 2006, it was jointly established with Central South University of Science and Technology through school-enterprise cooperation, with a registered capital of 500 million.

The company is mainly engaged in salt lake magnesium extraction and chemical magnesium products processing business, is the first and only domestic salt lake magnesium resources development enterprise with a production scale of more than 150,000 tons, the production capacity ranks the third in the world.  

The company produces high purity magnesium series products, with high purity, good quality, low cost and other advantages quickly occupied the domestic market, the five "world first" products are exported to the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Holland and other countries.  The company is located in Delingha Industrial Park, covers an area of 600 acres and has 400 employees.

Our project has reached capacity of 150,000t/y of high-purity magnesium hydroxide, supporting construction has 130,000t/y high purity magnesium oxide, 20,000t/y high purity ultra-fine magnesium hydroxide, 30,000t/y high purity fused magnesia and 30,000t/y high purity Dead Burned Magnesia four processes. The company owns 25.3 square kilometers of magnesium-rich brine ore, in which the content of magnesium chloride reaches more than 47% and the total reserves are 60 million tons.

With the aim of comprehensive utilization of magnesium resources in Qarhan salt lake of Qinghai province, our company is oriented to domestic and foreign markets and follows the development model of circular economy and are committed to building a salt lake magnesium industry with an annual output of 1 million tons. Strive to build the company in the near future "domestic first-class, international famous" salt lake magnesium resources development enterprises.


Qinghai Western Magnesium Co., Ltd.

Service Hotline:+86-977-8210888

Contact us

Qinghai Western Magnesium Co., Ltd.

Add: Weiqilu Industrial Zone, Delingha City, Haixi, Qinghai, China
P.C.: 817000

Contact:  Zhang Qian   

Contact: Zhangyuanxu
Mobil: +86+15009773581



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